Wise OWLS Speed Mentoring: Thursday 25 May 2017

Seven Wise OWLS and fourteen OWLS members attended a wonderful speed mentoring evening at Gallaway Cook Allan on Thursday 25 May.  The format was much like that of speed dating and was a great way for the younger OWLS members to get to know our Wise OWLS better and to garner some really helpful advice and support from them.  OWLS is very fortunate to be able to have so many of its more experienced practitioners who are willing to be mentors to the younger members of the profession and it is at events like this that OWLS is able to make the most of their experience and wisdom.  Discussions took place on almost every conceivable topic and proved to be a fun and lively evening.  Thank you to Gallaway Cook Allan for hosting and to the Wise OWLS for their advice and support as well as the Wise OWLS sub-committee for organising a fabulous event.




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