2023 OWLS Committee

Convener: Hayley Galvin

Deputy Convener:  Grace Ockwell

Treasurer: Astrid Bond

Secretary: Shona Squires

General Committee:

  • Lauren Brent
  • Jessica Hardman
  • Jessica Higgins
  • Zoe Hollander
  • Grace O’Hagan
  • Grace Titter
  • Juliette Wilson

OWLS –  Descriptions of Committee Roles


  • Set meeting schedule for year including AGM
  • Prepare agenda
  • Chair monthly OWLS meetings
  • Respond to media requests as needed
  • Ethel Benjamin Sub-committee membership and other subcommittees of interest
  • Appointed member of the Otago Branch of NZ Law Society – attend monthly meetings, provide monthly reports for Otago Branch NZLS  agenda
  • Semi – annual newsletters for OWLS members

Deputy Convener:

Assisting Convenor with undertaking their duties

  • Providing support to the Convenor to ensure a balanced workload
  • Filling in for the Convenor if the Convenor is absent
  • Sharing the lead role in the Ethel Benjamin sub-committee

Secretary (duties may be shared)

  • Maintain a register of members
  • Send and receive communications to members, including event invitations and other correspondence
  • Prepare minutes at committee meetings.


  •  Managing the OWLS bank account
  •  Attending to payment of any invoices or reimbursements
  •  Preparing invoices/ receipts for payments into OWLS bank account
  •  Liaising with the accountant in regards to end of year financial statements
  •  Preparing yearly Treasurer’s report for AGM
  • Completing yearly tax return, attending to any correspondence received from the IRD
  •  Managing  sponsorship funds


  • Established in 2016 to provide a network of experienced practitioners to provide support and mentoring for junior colleagues one-on-one basis.
  • The  Wise OWLS  committee reviews and facilitates the role of Wise OWLS.


  • Organises  and facilitates continuing professional development (CPD) seminars and events.  
  • The CPD committee meets every month to brainstorm new event ideas, contact potential speakers and plan events.  CPD points are available at all events.

Social Committee:

The social Committee organises the following annual events and any other events of OWLS choosing:

  • Meet the Committee Drinks and Nibbles
  • Quiz at the Kensington Hotel
  • Suffrage Day Breakfast/lunch
  • Mid-winter Christmas Dinner
  • Christmas Dinner
  • Coffee Catch-ups (A 2020 and 2021 response to Covid restrictions)
  • 20-Year Lunch celebrating OWLS members who have held a practising certificate or been admitted for 20 years.


Keep the website  up to date


2022 OWLS Committee

Convener: Natalia Dowrick

Deputy Convener:  Hayley Galvin

Treasurer: Astrid Bond

Secretary: Jessie Paterson

General Committee:

  • Hannah Field
  • Zoe Hollander (appointed September 2022)
  • Kate McLay
  • Korrie Middendorf (resigned August 2022)
  • Tarsha Norris (resigned September 2022)
  • Grace Ockwell
  • Jeanne Snelling
  • Grace Titter

2021 OWLS Committee

Convener:  Grace Ockwell

Deputy Convener:  Natalia Dowrick

Treasurer: Georgia Stumbles

Secretary: Lizzie Rutherford

General Committee:

  • Astrid Bond
  • Catherine Donaldson (resigned September 2021)
  • Hayley Galvin
  • Melissa Hammer
  • Kate McLay
  • Korrie Middendorf (joined October 2021)
  • Jessie Paterson
  • Jeanne Snelling
  • Grace Titter

2020 OWLS Committee

Convener:  Lizzie Rutherford

Deputy Convener:  Catherine Donaldson

Treasurer: Georgia Stumbles

General Committee:

  • Karen Billinghurst
  • Alison Douglass
  • Grace Ockwell
  • Jenny Ross
  • Caitlin Kearney
  • Melissa Hammer
  • Amanda Short
  • Joy Liddicoat
  • Natalia Dowrick

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