OWLS was formed in 1986. Its objects include:

  • to work for the equal opportunity and advancement of women in the study and practice of law;
  • to work for reform of the law and its administration, and for the advancement of social policy, particularly as it affects women and children;
  • to promote the use of women’s skills in law.

We also celebrate and encourage women in the practice of law and hold regular social and educational events. We also provide a support network for women during their study and practice of law.

All women who are law students, law clerks, working as legal executives, who hold a degree in law and women who have been admitted to the Bar, are eligible to join.


OWLS memberships for 2023 are now open. To become a member please fill in the form below so we can add you to our membership list.

2023 Membership Prices

  • A full membership is $50.00
  • Membership for unwaged/out of town/part-time practitioners and students is $25.00

Please apply to join OWLS by completing this form.

We look forward to receiving your application.

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