Diversity in the Law Event: 3 September 2015

On Thursday 3 September OWLS and the Otago Branch of the New Zealand Law Society jointly hosted an interactive panel discussion on Diversity in the Law in the Otago Branch Meeting Rooms and how improving it can greatly benefit businesses. Our own Bridget Irving very ably chaired the panel discussion and the panelists consisted of Chris Moore (the President of the New Zealand Law Society), Megan Bartlett, Phil Page, and Taryn Gudmanz. There were nearly 50 people present, which was a fantastic turnout. We would like to thank Bridget and all of the panelists for their frank, insightful, and humorous comments, which were well received by all present. We are especially grateful that Chris Moore came down from Auckland for the event. The event certainly fueled a lot of interesting discussion during the drinks and nibbles afterwards and left people with a lot to think about.

IMG_6750 IMG_6752 IMG_6753 IMG_6757 IMG_6763 IMG_6766 IMG_6769


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