Pink Ribbon Morning Tea: 27 May 2015

On Wednesday 27 May OWLS hosted our annual Pink Ribbon Morning Tea at Gallaway Cook Allan to raise money to for the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation. The event was well attended by members (dressed in a sea of pink attire!) and everyone enjoyed the scrumptious pink treats on offer. It turns out that this year’s Committee are quite handy bakers! The event raised a total of $389.60 ($60 more than last year) from donations taken on the day, donations made online, and the selling of leftover baking. A great team effort!

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 7.52.34 pm IMG_7641 IMG_7642 IMG_7645 IMG_7646 IMG_7647 IMG_7656 IMG_7659 IMG_7660 IMG_7663 IMG_7664 IMG_7665 IMG_7668


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