Wise OWLS Lunchtime Forum #1 – 10 September 2014

Following on from the successful Wise OWLS Re-Launch in July, OWLS held a Wise OWLS lunchtime forum on 10 September 2014 with our 2014 Wise OWLS and interested members. The event took the format of an informal roundtable discussion focusing on both the good and the bad aspects of working part-time. This was a very informative and productive dialogue and we heard from people who had chosen to work full time, flexible full time, and part-time for a variety of family and lifestyle reasons. This was particularly informative for our younger members who may need to make similar decisions in the next few years.

OWLS would like to thank our Wise OWLS for their input into the practical and frank discussion, and those members who were able to attend. We intend to have another similar lunchtime forum on a different topic before the end of the year. A reminder that contact information for all of our Wise OWLS can be found under the Wise OWLS tab of this website. For more complete profiles, check out our Facebook page or email members.owls@gmail.com.



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