OWLS Women in Law Career Planning Forum – 7 August 2014

On 7 August 2014 OWLS hosted a special lunchtime career planning forum. This event consisted of an informative discussion led by Christine Grice (the Executive Director of the New Zealand Law Society) and ably facilitated by Associate Professor Donna Buckingham (from the University of Otago Law Faculty). The forum followed up on the NZLS Women in the Legal Profession Initiative and was designed to promote discussion as to how women can develop a successful legal career.

Christine discussed some of her own career choices, and what she found helpful and/or difficult along the way. Christine and Donna spoke at length about the various paths and opportunities currently available to women in the law.

This was a very successful and well attended event and we hope to use this format again next year for a similar event.

A big thank you to Christine Grice for making the time to come to Dunedin and speak with us, as well as to Donna Buckingham for facilitating the event.


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